minimal hardcore

by the fun years

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it’s amazing how minimal techno in 2013 sounds exactly like minimal techno from 2003. kind of makes sense for a genre that prides itself on builds that take half an hour to develop. when you slow the four-on-the-floor kick below 100 bpm, the build can last forever. and you get this record...

00:00 - let's start with something small
05:31 - clear that shit out
07:21 - creep in the quarrelsome syntax
09:53 - on our way to a fire we are
15:23 - delicious identity crisis
21:07 - wanna be a drone superstar
25:18 - don't play in the middle
29:46 - minimal hardcore, part 1
35:58 - with no quarantine
40:33 - automat chord detergent
47:21 - alright, i'm alright
50:36 - as any minuet deterring the convergence

produced by the fun years
photo by izrocka


released July 15, 2005

ben recht - baritone guitar
isaac sparks - turntable
track 11 features mike uzzi



all rights reserved


the fun years

the fun years are still ben recht and isaac sparks. ben plays baritone guitar. isaac plays turntable. [blank] happens.

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